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Omaha North Engineering students are Saving the World!

Omaha North Engineering students are Saving the World!
Susie McGuire - Fri Apr 29, 2011 @ 12:58PM
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The students in the amazing Dr. Lee Kallstom's Engineering and Technology class did it again!  Along with Conservation Fusion, two teams who participated in the prestigious Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Student Mentoring program were awarded First and Second in the overall regional competition. 

The Student Mentoring Program (SMP) is designed to stimulate students' interest and excitement in engineering, architecture, and related sciences.  Each year the Omaha Post’s SMP impacts over 300 students from many local High Schools and Middle Schools. The program relies on sponsors as well as volunteers to mentor the students.

Check out the WINNING project for Team #3...

Project: Filter For Life, a sustainable water purification system

Lack of clean water accounts for 80% of all diseases in poor nations. The island of Madagascar is a developing nation and home to over 20 million people surviving on less than one dollar a day. It is also the habitat of the world’s greatest biodiversity that is currently endangered with only 10% of the original forest left. There is a direct link between poverty and deforestation and at the root of it all is clean water. To address the problem, our team looked into two topics: acquiring and purifying water. We researched the water purification techniques of solar disinfection, chemical disinfection, and sand filtration. Our team determined the most effective and eco-friendly solution for Kianjavato, Madagascar to be a solar-powered BioSand filtration system. Successful health improvement programs require involvement from local communities; therefore, we have added an educational component to our tangible solution.

Check out the WINNING project for Team #4...

Project: Reduction of Deforestation in Third World Countries: Optimizing Sustainable Biofuels

The island of Madagascar harbors wildlife found nowhere else on earth. It is also home to over 20 million people; dependent upon the forest to meet their basic needs, including fuel-wood for cooking. This places tremendous strain on the ecosystem, which has resulted in the destruction of over 90% of the original forest. To address this problem, our project provides a sustainable alternative to forest destruction. The key is “Telo Hevitra”- “Three Thoughts” and introduces a three pronged approach to include rocket stoves, bio-fuel briquettes, and a grinder, all working in combination to improve the lives of the Malagasy people while conserving the environment.

More to come!

It's what the FUSION is all about, empowering KIDS (and young adults) to BE THE CHANGE!



Comments: 86


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21. Jessica   |   Fri Apr 01, 2016 @ 03:29PM

Really amazing. Hard to believe that LKTE college send two teams and both finished the podium with first 2 ranks.
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