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UNO gives back with Seven Days of Service

UNO gives back with Seven Days of Service
Susie McGuire - Wed Mar 28, 2012 @ 01:21PM
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The University of Nebraska's Student-Community Leadership and Service has done it again!  For seven days in a row, students, parents, teachers and children of all ages joined together to complete service projects for others.

During the week, volunteers helped trace and cut pieces tocreate more than 100 chimpanzee puppets for Conservation Fusion educational programs promoting conservation in Senegal, Africa.  Our partner, Dr. Kelly Boyer, will hand deliver the puppets this summer as part of the The Falémé Chimpanzee Conservation Project (FCCP) established in 2010.

Thanks to all who made this week such a great experience!  And a special thanks to Dr. Kathe Oleson-Lyons who orchestrates more than 16 service days throughout the year.  And of course, the amazing Lindsey Scott, student coordinator!

Comments: 90


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