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Conservation Fusion

Educating to Build & Strengthen Our World

Education is a key component to conservation. As a non-profit organization, Conservation Fusion engages children and communities in education promoting a knowledge and understanding of the world's unique biodiversity, ultimately instilling ownership and positive change!

We are all CONNECTED and we all share ONE WORLD. One of our goals is to  connect children living in these unique areas with kids in the USA.  Together we can learn from one another creating new ideas to protect and preserve our planet. 

Look at the interactive, educational game created by Omaha North High Magnet Engineering students.  Conservation Fusion provides innovative and FUN tools to teach Malagasy primary students about clean water and sanitation...the very basics of life!  Click on the Projects page to Learn more.

Empowering kids to Be the Change they wish to see in the world.  These students are ALL making a difference!  The Malagasy students learned lessons about reforestation, hand washing and clean water while having fun!  AND, the North High students were happy to see their efforts making a difference a world away!

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