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About Us

Conservation & Education guide everything we do

Mission: Educating to Build and Strengthen Our World.


Vision: Conservation Fusion is an international non-profit organization.  Established in September 2010 as a 501c3 organization in the US, we are engaging individuals and communities in education about the world's unique biodiversity, promoting knowledge and understanding while instilling ownership and ultimately responsible, sustainable stewardship to the environment on a local and global scale.

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Malagasy youth create Bamboo lemur puppets and flowers.  By
 learning the treasures their country possess, they are more likely to 
protect it.

Our current focus is the island of Madagascar.  Our goal is not to "save Madagascar"...We aim to provide the tools to empower the Malagasy people to find innovative solutions to help themselves.  We are inspiring and motivating youth on every corner of the earth become aware of local and global conservation challenges.  We are all connected, sharing ONE WORLD.  What happens there affects us here. By helping others, we are ultimately helping ourselves and creating a brighter future!


Anything is possible!  Wouldn't it be amazing if the ideas to engage and educate the Malagasy people came from children in the United States who believed in themselves and that their ideas could change our world. 

Check out the projects Omaha youth have spearheaded to get things started!

We are adventurous, creative and pursue growth. Identifying passions and promoting individual and  team growth, while embracing change, supporting sustainable business and treating others with respect.

CF is an action-oriented organization, ready to take the next step putting ideas into action, resulting in positive change for our environment, our future and the next generations.