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Biodiversity Art Projects

Biodiversity art projects enable students and the community to engage in creativity while learning about the biodiversity in their area! This page shows off some of the activities students partake in!

bioartprojects.jpgTo the left, a student holds up a lemur toy. This was made from felt, a straw, and a plastic coffee lid decorated with fur and eyeballs! These tools give children an innovative way to learn about the lemurs and makes learning about them fun! Students are always excited to learn, especially about their national treasure, the lemurs!

The poster to the right was used in the Hazo-O-Rama parade to illustrate how children plant trees to help them in the future! It shows how reforestation benefits the communities. This poster helped local people to see in a creative way how they should plant trees and help replant the rainforests!


DSC_0085_2.jpgThe student in the photo above is so proud to show off his mouse lemur! Made out of a toilet paper roll and decorated with felt, pipecleaners, and eyeballs, this is a fun way to learn about lemurs!

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