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Community Outreach

Workshops for CHANGE

Conservation Fusion believes that education and community outreach are vital to conservation projects! We sponsor Village Visits, Conservation Camps, Movie Nights, and Teacher Workshops and support the Single Mom's Club!

Village Visits

Village Visits engage the community about the benefits of clean water, trees, lemurs, and the interconnectedness of each. 

2.png Untitled.png

Community members paint to illustrate how people and lemurs can benefits from reforestation efforts. To encourage involvment and ownership, local residents from 17 villages signed the painting, taking ownership in reforestation, and received two trees to plant.

Conservation Camp

"Exploring Biodiversity in their own backyard"


Students and teachers from Ambalahosy primary school are learning into the night at Conseravtion Camp.  Glow bracelets are Fun while we wait patiently with MBP researchers for the rare and endangered mother aye-aye and her new baby to emerge from their nest just above. This is a chance of a lifetime for these kids to experience the unique biodiversity in their own backyard!

Kids in Kianjavato get a first time glimpse at field guides that give them information about the plants and animals in the forest around them. 

Some of the things that kids received were glow in the dark stars, glow in the dark bracelets, and new headlamps!

Binoculars and magnifying glasses are utilized to give these kids a chance to view their natural habitat more closely!


Left: A child reads a book while standing outside a tent for Conservation Camp!

Movie Nights

Movie nights lead to community building! Held in Kianjavato, these movie nights depict pictures of the students and community members participating in conservation efforts. This was followed by a documentary depicting the work of Dr. Louis and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. The community members were in awe of the plants and animals shown, and especially enjoyed seeing the local biodiversity.


Teacher Workshops

Conservation Fusion sponsors workshopsto strengthen teacher's knowledge of conservation for the 7 schools 287.jpgwe work with. Continued education programs have strengthened the alliance with local school system through teacher training workshops and hands-on education programs aimed at educating the teachers about the biodiversity in their own backyard and then empowering them to use their knowledge in conservation education implemented on a daily basis in the current school curriculum. Over 38 teachers and administrators participated in multiple full-day Saturday workshops and night conservation camps where they voluntarily absorb facts, images and education strategies involving conservation materials to be implemented in the classroom.

Single Mom's Club

Wesley_s_girls.jpgShining Stars! The Single Mom's Club is a group of women that embrace the educational programs of Conservation Fusion. These women are occasionally paid by Conservation Fusion to help out with the O-Ramas and other activities. They actively plant trees and we edcuate and empower them! These single moms want to work to make money to send their kids to school, which also teaches valuable lessons about saving money and working towards goals. The photo to the left shows the Single Mom's Club in Kianjavato. They are holding a picture of Wesley, a supporter of Conservation Fusion who donated enough money to the group to keep them working for a month! This support is highly appreciated by the club!


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