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Connecting Kids

ONE WORLD, we are all connected. Conservation on a local and global scale


Conservation Fusion works with the University of Nebraska Omaha, Student-Community Leadership and Service Department (SCLS) to connect students from Omaha to the students in Madagascar. This promotes the interconnectedness of their biodiversity with our biodiversity and teaches that we are all one and also raises awareness of the environment in daily life.


7 Days of Service is a week long event held by UNO SCLS that promotes volunteer opportunities during Spring Break. Conservation Fusion participates in this program and focuses on crafts and art activities that will be given to the children in Madagascar! Volunteers make bracelets, games, posters, and other crafts that mean a lot to the children in Madagascar!
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service4.pngGlobal Youth Service Day is another volunteer day conducted by UNO SCLS. GYSD 2012 was a big hit! Students in Omaha made bracelets for the children in Madagascar, and when the Malagasi people received them, they planted trees to honor their friends in Omaha who made them. These projects also inspired two children in Omaha to donate items on their own accord to the Malagasi kids. One was a home made clay bowl and another was a t-shirt. This act of kindness was cherished by the Malagasi students who received them. We also took pictures of some of the volunteers and showed the photos to the Malagasi students so they could see who created these gifts for them! 
Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day 2013 was also a huge success. Students learned about the upcoming Conservation Fusion Chimpanzee project in Senegal. These students were excited to learn of the project and helped create some activities that will be implemented in the program. Students created puzzles, made bracelets, as well as felt hands to be given out!
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