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DREAM School

Be A Part of the Change

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For many children in Madagascar, education is not an option, such as the kids in the top photo peering into the classroom. These kids, like many others, long to go to school but their remote village has no classroom. The closest school is 20km away for children living in Lavavolo village. 

Conservation Fusion has signed a contract with local village leaders to build the DREAM school which will provide these children an education they would otherwise not receive. The school will also function as a headquarters for conservation education and outreach activities for the community. 

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We have already identified a teacher and are moving forward on the teachertraining. Students at the University of Nebraska Omaha helped paint school uniforms for the kids that will be attending the school as you can see to the picture on the right. Some of the money has already been raised but more is still needed. Please click on the link above starting on November 18th to be a part of the DREAM school.