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Reforestation Festival

In 2011, Hazo-O-Rama helped to bring reforestation principles and lemur education to the Malagasi people who could then become stakeholders in their environment.

Teacher workshops included information about the reforestation project and benefits of biodiversity conservation to the local population. Books, posters, and art supplies were also distributed to be utilized during the Hazo-O-Rama parade festival! 


The conservation camp was a huge success! Students and teachers attended 6 overnight camp stays in which they were able to see a baby aye-aye lemur along with other newborn lemurs and other wildlife for the first time in their natural habitat! The community members loved seeing the local wildlife!

Multi day education programs were implemented in the schools. In February 2012, 49, 5 gallon fruiting trees were planted as well as over 10,000 trees. Interactive lessons and games included information about the MBP reforestation plan and benefits of forests. Art projects instilled a sense of ownership in the biodiversity. School gardens were also introduced to address the lack of attendance due to food shortages and to show how conservation can improve the livelihood of the local community. 

Over 5,000 kids, teachers, and community members attended the parade to show off all they learned about reforestation! By learning about the treasures Madagascar has makes it more likely that they will protect it. 

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