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Lemur Conservation Festival

Lemur-O-Rama, held in 2012, highlighed the importance of the critically endangered lemurs! Children in 7 different schools across Madagascar participated in educational programs which included games and activities geared toward saving the lemurs.

Many educational activities were integrated into this O-Rama. Children planted trees, learned about their biodiveristy through conservation camps and movie nights, and also participated in fun games such as a bean bag tossing game. Trivia questions included information about lemurs and the children had a blast playing them!

In addition, teacher workshops introduced the concept of DNA which were then taught to the students using a creative game. Learning DNA helped students understand how different species of lemurs exist. Books on the lepilemur and Conservation Fusion's work with MBP on protecting the lemur population were distribited as educational tools. 

In the parade, schools showed off how much they learned! Hundreds of community members participated in the event which included programs, dances, performances, and speeches. This fun, innovative celebration of the lemurs will help conserve and expand the lemur population.


Click here to view more photos of Lemur-O-Rama!

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