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Where can you find over 100 species of primates found nowhere else on the planet? The island of Madagascar!


This "land of lemurs" is also home to over 20 million people, who must depend upon the forest to meet their basic needs. Sadly, only 10% of the original forest remains.

The Malagasy education system places little emphasis on conservation.


Education is a key component to conservation. Conservation Fusion is creating an educational foundation by providing innovative, hands-on programs for the community of Kianjavato, teaching them about their ecosystem.By learning about the treasures their country possess, they are connected to its future and take ownership in preserving it.

Areas of high biodiversity, like Madagascar cover just 1% of the Earth's surface.  These eco-regions provide our planet with clean air to breathe, clean water and a stable climate.  Did you know...Over 80% of all medicines known to man are derived from these hotsposts like Madagascar!