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Local and Global Conservation


Education is a key component to conservation.  We have established education projects in Madagascar and are excited to participate in conservation programs in Senegal.  Of course, one thing that sets CF apart is the way we are linking these international programs directly with youth here in the United States.

Above, Omaha students from Lewis and Clark create projects after learning about conservation and how deforestation affects their lives right here at home. Right, Malagasy students also learn about protecting forests in CF programs.

Many of our current projects focus on the Island of Madagascar.  We are concentrating our efforts at two main sites to include many endangered lemurs and other unique creatures in the eastern rainforests of Kianjavato and the dry, spiny forests of Lavavolo in the southwest, home to the critically endangered Radiated Tortoise. 







Facilitating Change cannot be done alone.  We partner with world class conservation partners working both on the ground and in the business of saving biodiversity for the long term. 

Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership 

Faleme Chimpanzee Conservation Fund

Houston Zoo