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Water Conservation Festival

Rano-O-Rama literally means "Water-O-Rama." Over 5,000 teachers, children, and community members participated in the events which included a parade, presentations, performances, and interactive activities to promote the benefits of water and water conservation!

The community learned about the dangers of drinking contaminated water, and how practicing proper sanitation and hygeine will help keep water clean. 


The students at the local schools also received books about Heidi, a Malagasi girl who learns about clean water, sanitation, and alternatives to forest destruction. 

Hands on activities helped children understand how the forest is important to the water cycle. More trees=more rain for rice crops and more lemur habitat, thus making conservation efforts a benefit to people!

During the water festivities, local schools were assigned a mascot which included differnet species of lemurs! The students received books highlighting their school mascot! 

The festival culminated in a parade to celebrate the first ever water conservation day!  Costumes, flags, books, and songs relating to lemurs and water conservation were prevalent. The community had a blast while also learning the importance of the environment!

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