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Communities & Trees...growing together

Conservation Fusion educates the community about the importance of the rainforest and the benefits of keeping the forests strong! Since humans are a part of the problem, they must also be an integral part of the solution. Children are especially crucial to educate because Conservation Fusion believes that if children plant trees and learn the benefits of the rainforest, they will be lless likely to remove the trees when they are older. We encourage tree planting and provide trees for the Malagasi people to plant, which gives ownership of the forest to the people of Madagascar. The picture to the left shows how excited children are about planting trees and making a difference in their environment!


In 2010, Conservation Fusion worked with the schools in the entire region and planted 10,000 trees with them! In 2011, we were able to plant 5,000 trees with the help of the schools and local communities. These trees will grow strong and will be able to support the lemur population. Teaching the children and the community that trees are also an integral part in the water cycle provides incentives for them to plant and develop their rainforest.

Meet Rosie Nirina.  She attends school at Ambolotara primary school in Kinajavato, Madagascar.  She is standing proudly beside her newly planted voapaka tree.  This tree was grown from a seed collected by our partners, The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership.

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