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School Lunch Program

Nourishing Mouths & Minds

In Madagascar, more than 80% of the students we work with abandon school during the dry season in the months of October through January due to lack of food.  In November 2011, with the support of our partners at the University of Nebraska, we initiated the "lunch program" at 7 primary schools in the Kianjavato region.test

Malagasy students recieved vegetable seed packets put together by Omaha Youth during Global Youth Service Day at the University of Nebraska in April 2011.

More than 500 youth gathered to package vegetable seeds while learning about the students the seeds would be going to creating a link to understanding and helping others.


Below, after learning about conservation challenges in Madagascar in a CF summer school class, an OPS student sent a special message "I love Madagascar". Her seeds and her message were hand delivered to a student at Ambolotara primary school in Kianjavato in November 2011.




We are all connected.  Poverty does not define who we are and CF programs help provide an educational foundation these children cannot afford.


Participating in building the gardens helps students learn responsibility and take ownership and pride.

The children arrived early to school with smiles on their faces. Using the "row" method was a new practice for the teachers and children. CF provided fencing, seeds and watering cans. Teachers, parents and students supported the project with compost from their family farms, fence posts and lots of hard work to clear the land and care for their new garden.


Learning about plants, vegetables and healthy living is fun.  CF staff teach Malagasy youth about how to care for their gardens and the value of healthy eating. Sustainable farming techniques and growing our own food make a happy, healthy world.

Watering and the greenhouse climate in the summer months of November and December result in the first crops of beans and peas.  The beans above are just over 10 days old!

Thumbs UP for Lunches & Learning! 
Projects like this are made possible through partnerships and small donations from special people who believe in our mission:

Educating to Build & Strengthen Our World.

If YOU would like to help us grow, visit our donation page and BE the change!