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Susie, saving the world one species at a time!Susie McGuire is the founder and director of Conservation Fusion.  Her life-long love of plants, animals and the environment led to an extensive career at the Omaha Zoo. Conservation Fusion began as a dream. I was empowered to BE the change when someone believed in me. Always passionate about animals, science, the environment and kids I soon found the perfect niche in connecting children to the environment through education to promote conservation.
In May 2010, we received support from the Margot Marsh Biodiversity foundation. Our goal was to create a sense of pride and ownership for the unique animals who share a home with children attending seven primary schools in the Kianjavato region of Madagascar.
Currently, over 2/3 of Madagascar's population under the age of 20. This creates an opportunity to educate and influence the future leaders of Madagascar...the children.  Read more about this initiative in the projects section!

Dr. Edward Louis Jr. serves on our Board.  He is the Director of Conservation Genetics at the Omaha Zoo and Director of the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership, a Malagasy NGO.  A PhD in molecular genetics and a Veterinary degree have taken Louis to all corners of the world, conducting research.  His research and his heart have made a home in Madagascar for the past 12 years.  His team of 50 plus Malagasy employees, field assistants and office staff are all working to protect and preserve Madagascar's treasures.  Louis is a tireless advocate of conservation and his passion and dedication to the unique biodivesity and people shines through in his support of over 40 Malagasy students.  Louis efforts and sacrifices have led to the discovery of 21 new lemur species to date...that is 30% of all lemur species! He has also spearheaded a successful reintroduction of two lemur species.

Naomi.jpgMrs. Naomi Deines assumed her role on the board of directors for Conservation Fusion in December 2011.  Naomi brings her knowledge of operations management along with experience in business organization and strength in strategic planning.

 Naomi has been employed with Union Pacific Railroad since May 2007 where she currently is a Director of Train Management in the Operations Department at the Harriman Dispatching Center.  Naomi was nominated and graduated from Union Pacific’s Leadership Development Program in 2010 and the same year was the Women’s LEAD Field Chair.  Prior to her railroad career she worked in the financial services and insurance business sector.

Deines holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration and MBA from Bellevue University.

Mr. Brock Blevins currently serves as the Membership Coordinator for the North American and Caribbean Regional Network of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management.  Brock resides in Maryland and is persuing his PhD in GIS technology.  Mr Blevins has shared his conservation talents on multiple international conservation projects both in the United States and Internationally working in South Africa and actively participating in workshops around the world.

Brock has a Bachelors degree in Science and has worked on multiple innovative and ground breaking research in reproductive physiology and conservation.

Mr. Blevins brings his strong leadership and communcation skills along with his passion and dedication to conservation to the Conservation Fusion team.


Ms. Alyse DeVries is the Founder and owner of Stella by Starlight, handmade jewelry inspired by Nature.  Additionally, Ms DeVries is actively persuing a degree in conservation and serves as the Club Supervisor at the Magnolia Hotel. 

Alyse is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word.  She has spearheaded her company while managing multiple real estate properties and is an active participant with the Nebraska Herpetological Society.


Mrs. Lalaina Randriamanantenasoa serves as our Malagasy Education Coordinator and official representative in Madagascar.  Lalaina wears multiple hats and is a teacher, translator, liason and facilitator.  Mrs. Randriamanantenasoa makes each task fun and handles all situations with a smile.

Lalaina serves one month each year volunteering for the International non-profit Operation Smile and is active in many youth activities, serving as a mentor.

In addition, Lalaina attends meetings in Antananarivo, tends to all Conservation Fusion affairs with the Malagasy government and Ministries and coordinates CF activities with teachers, students, partner NGO's and government officials.